The Heartsaver® CPR Course is designed to enable you to effectively perform quality CPR. This class is for people with little or no medical training who are required to obtain their CPR credentials as a condition of their employment and is available to anyone who desires to become credentialed in Heartsaver® CPR/AED. This class is taught online with interactive tools and requires hand-on practice with an AHA certified instructor.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Single person CPR to one adult, child, and infant victim (CPR manikins will be used as the victims).

  2. Realizing the signs and symptoms of an airway obstruction and the proper dislodging methods.

  3. Proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machine.

  4. Identifying the early warning signs of cardiac arrest and stroke.

Self-paced training is approximately 1.75 hours.

To complete your certification you must practice on a manikin and pass a skills evaluation - 1 hour

This course meets the requirements for adult, child and infant CPR as outlined by the 2015 AHA guidelines.

Certification is valid for 2 years. Can be combined with First Aid.


Learn to save a life in the Southern California Inland Empire and surrounding area.

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in all AHA courses and has developed instructional materials for this purpose.
Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA.
Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the AHA.

All courses are taught by an AHA Certified Instructor and include instruction for Adult, Child and Infant

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Neighbor Saver CPR  reserves the right to cancel a course due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the course non-viable.  If Neighbor Saver cancels, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund credited back to the original credit card used for payment, or reschedule for another date without additional registration fee.

The CPR/AED eCard is the electronic equivalent of the CPR/AED previously printed course completion card and is provided to students as an alternative to a printed card.  This is now the new standard in Certification Cards for the AHA in all courses.

eCards are issued by AHA Training Center Coordinators and Instructors to students who successfully complete all requirements of an AHA course. Students receive an email inviting them to claim their eCard online. From the email, students click on a hyperlink to claim their eCard.

eCards provide higher security than print cards and reduce the risk of counterfeit cards.

STEP 2 -                 (hand-on session)

STEP 1 - Click to Purchase - (self paced)



Call us directly to schedule your personalized appointment to complete your training.  We do our best to schedule around your school or work schedules.  NOTE:  Verbal reservations are not guaranteed unless payment is made at least twenty four hours prior to time scheduled for training and you have received an email confirming your appointment.


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CLICK HERE if you are a student enrolling in pre-arranged group or company training. Register under your group’s name and date of class.